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Hair Treatments for Hair Problems

From extensive research and development over many years throughout the world, Hair Ireland's medical and pharmaceutical staff have developed a wide range of Hair Care Treatments to combat everyday hair loss and hair problems. As most hair problems emanate from poor scalp conditions, our Company's treatments are dermatological to remedy specific hair and scalp problems. Remedial treatment for typical hair problems include the following:



This treatment course comprises hair stimulant lotions and specifically formulated shampoos to redress dormant hair follicles and insufficient blood circulation to the scalp. This hair nutritional programme strengthens ailing hair and promotes the growth of new hair in order to improve ones hair appearance.



The occurrence of greasy or oily hair is due to the overproduction of a natural oil called "sebum" from the sebaceous glands of the scalp. Unfortunately hyperactivity of the sebaceous glands gives the hair an unattractive appearance. Hair Ireland's treatments and recommended diet will curtail the problem of excess oils to ensure a healthier more attractive hair appearance.



These common problems are mainly caused by the lack of "sebum" or natural hair oils secreted by the sebaceous glands in the scalp. In the case of dry scalp, hair tends to be dull, brittle, frizzy or tangled and easily damaged. With dandruff, a build-up of scalp scales takes place, which if allowed to deteriorate can cause bacterial infection. As a result of prolonged use of artificial colouring or heat applications, permed or dyed hair can easily become damaged, requiring to be restructured and restored. Our Company's remedial products and recommended diet will combat the causes and symptoms normally associated with these problems.



Both during pregnancy and up to eight months after child delivery it is normal for an imbalance of hormones to exist in females. Such a hormonal imbalance greatly affects the health, density and appearance of hair. Accordingly, both during pregnancy and after delivery, our Company's hair treatments and recommended diet should be undertaken to minimise hair loss and hair damage.



In addition to the above hair treatments, Hair Ireland undertake remedial treatments for Grey Hair, all forms of Alopecia, Psoriasis and most other Scalp and Hair Problems.

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