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Hair Transplant

Hair Transplant ClinicThis technique is to re-position your healthy hair from a donor site - usually at the back and side of the head, to a recipient area, usually at the temples or the crown of the head.
At the Hair Clinic, this is solely performed by a medically qualified Doctor and Nursing staff to ensure the highest standards. A study of Male Pattern Baldness shows that even a person with the most advanced form of baldness will not lose hair at the back or sides of the head.

Following on from that, once the hair has been transplanted from the donor site to a new recipient area, the patient will not lose the transplanted hair for the rest of their life, subject to normal health. The transplanted hair will then grow in the normal manner.


The number of treatments will depend upon the extent and nature of the area to be treated. The treatment is relatively pain free since a local anaesthetic is administered under medical supervision.

Healthy hair roots/micro grafts of hair are taken from the donor site (at the rear/side of the head), transplanted to the recipient area (the temples or crown) and integrated in the affected thinning or balding areas. The new hair units are placed in the direction of the existing hair.
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The donor sites from where the hair roots have been taken are simply closed during treatment and are immediately covered by the surrounding existing hair... with nothing obviously noticeable.

Each treatment takes approximately 4 hours and the procedure is straight forward with relatively little discomfort - it's no worse than a visit to the Dentist!

Modern techniques mean that no dressing of any areas are needed after treatment and the patient can be on their way home in less than an hour after treatment.

From the date of treatment, it takes approximately 4-6 months for your new hair to get established which then should grow at the normal rate thereafter (usually 1/2 inch or 1.5 cm. per month). Hence, it will take at least 9 months or so before the more fuller hair appearance effect, so a little patience is needed.

State of the Art Methods include Fraction Blending and Micrografts which have replaced the more traditionally used Hair Transplant methods. Instead of the traditional method of using fixed sized units of up to 20 hair roots, Fraction Blending allows for hair roots of varying sizes to be used. This gives far better blending of hair.

Microblending is a technique whereby single hair roots can be transplanted if necessary. This means very detailed work and gives a natural look particularly in areas such as the front hair line.


At the outset, hair transplant is limited to candidates who are suitable for such treatment. Suitability depends upon such factors as the nature/extent of the candidate's existing hair/hair loss as well as the likely future pattern of hair loss. It is also subject to the candidate's general medical health condition. Therefore not everyone is suitable!

If a patient fulfils the suitability requirements, one of our Consultants will be pleased to give you a quotation for Hair Transplant. Naturally, this depends upon the size of the area to be treated and the number of treatment visits required to give an overall reasonably good hair appearance.

Hair transplant is not cheap and costings can vary from approximately 4,000 to treat a small area to approx. 10,000 for a large area. Once again we emphasise that treatment is subject to suitability and to the size/extent of the work to be done. Our Consultant will give a candidate an exact costing during suitability consultation.

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