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Hair Added in Stages

(non-surgical hair replacement)

Hair Ireland's non hair transplant methods of hair replacement are used to solve many cases of hair loss, from thinning or receding hair to more extensive areas of baldness. A member of our experienced staff will advise interested parties of the most appropriate hair replacement system to meet their specific needs. Such hair systems are outlined below:

Hair Transplant Clinic CustomerHAIR ADDITION: This non-surgical method of hair replacement involves a technique whereby hair can be discreetly added in stages so that nobody will notice any change or difference in appearance at any time. The added hair is matched identically to ones own existing hair in terms of colour, texture, thickness, style, sheen, etc., with only natural hair being used. With this system, hair is chemically bonded to existing hair, close to the scalp. The strength of the hair addition technique has been thoroughly tested in the laboratories of the B.S.I. (incorporated by charter in 1929).
HAIR SECTIONS: This system of hair replacement is suitable for a person who has a sizeable balding area at the temple or crown. Like the hair addition system, outlined above, hair is matched in all aspects to ones own existing hair and carefully hand knotted to a small second skin which covers the affected area. The hair section is attached to a client's existing hair, ensuring a perfectly natural integration.

HAIR PIECE WEARERS: Following many years of research and development, Hair Ireland have now the most up to date and advanced hair pieces in the world. With the aid of sophisticated technology we use fade resistant fibre hair which eliminates loss of colour or fading problems, reduces servicing and allows easy manageability. Our Company's trained consultants will gladly advise interested parties on the most suitable non-surgical hair replacement system to meet their personal needs.

Hair Transplant Clinic CustomerFEMALE HAIR INTEGRATION: This hair replacement system is suitable for women suffering from severe hair loss or with light density hair and is used to integrate with or supplement their own growing hair. In this system a woman's own hair is integrated with additional natural looking hair, thereby thickening up and giving a significantly improved hair appearance.

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